Kenya 2009 – Edd Shields

I was part of the team that went to Kenya in 2009. We organised a camp in Siaya for local scouts and incorporated games, activities and competitions that we would have in our own scout camps in the UK.

The Kenyan scouts really enjoyed ‘chariot racing’ and a football tournament that we organised. They also helped us to paint a London skyline mural on a building that had been built by previous UK Scouts.

Sourcing equipment and materials from local businesses was challenging but a great experience for us and the camp was a real success.

Later in the trip we organised a ‘fun day’ in Rowallen for street scouts. These were scouts that might not have had homes or parents but they had a uniform which they took real pride in wearing and they had a scout troop that gave them the opportunity to learn skills, make friends and have some structure to their lives.

We had lots of different activities for them that they’d never done before like; tie dying t-shirts, making poi and face painting.

Some of the different troops then showed off their talents like acrobatics and singing. After seeing the slums of Kibera and children picking litter from the rubbish piles, being able to put on a day of fun for them was brilliant.

Our trip that year was the start of Timu Rafiki and has resulted in further trips over the years. These have all contributed to the scouts of Kenya and are a worthwhile cause. I’m always reminded of my time in Kenya and it has shaped part of my outlook on life.

Kenya 2009 – Tamsin Langley

In 2009 I joined a group of Scouting volunteers on a five week trip to Kenya with the aim of helping and supporting Kenyan street scouts based in different locations around the country.

We began in a small northern town called Siaya where we organised a camp for scouts from local towns. Together we ran various activities and competitions for the children; with them not only learning from us, but us from them…their building skills were second to none!

On our return to Nairobi we ran a day camp for scouts from the largest slum in Kenya, Kibera. Once again we shared out the activities between the group running tie-dying, making poi and **(may have to check with Jo what other activities we did)**. Towards the end of the day we shared dinner cooked by the local woman and gave out donated health products like toothbrushes.

This is only a small part of the things we achieved on that trip. To say it changed my life sounds may sound like an overstatement, but it really did. Through Timu Rafiki I have seen first hand what a difference these experiences make to the children of Kenya and the unifying quality scouting has around the world!