Kenya 2014 Explorer Belt Expedition to Kenya.

The Expedition started with us flying out to Kenya on the 14th August 14 at 2115, after almost 2 years in the planning. We had a 7 hour stopover in Dubai before flying on to Nairobi, arriving at approx 2005 on the 15th Aug. We were met at the airport by Josh our Kenya Scout contact and a dear friend to a lot of us. We then continued on to Rowallen, where we spend the night before traveling on to Kissi to pick up our tentage and cooking supplies, kindly loaned to us by the Harambee for Kenya. Staying 2 nights in Kissi and practising the explorers projects on the young people that were in the safe house there. They all had a great time.

The 18th Aug seen us say a farewell to Kissi and travel to Saiya, stopping of at the Rift Valley for a wee sightseeing. Arriving in Saiya we set up camp and prepared for our main projects with the Kenya Scouts that were arriving later. The 19th was a familiarisation day whilst the Kenya Scouts set up camp.

The 20th to the 24th Aug saw then Explorers finally get to do their projects, which included, games, knots, bracelet making, first aid, painting the Buildings in the camp site, creative designs, music, Numeracy and Literacy. Also during this time the Explorers where interviewed by Kenya Scouts and visa versa to get their experiences of how Scouting divers in each country.

Afternoon of 24th saw us say a sad and emotional farewell to Saiya to travel back to Kissi to return kit we had borrowed. After staying the night in Kissi we said a very sad farewell to our hosts in Kissi safe house to begin our journey to Nyrei. Stopping at the Equator for Lunch. Arriving in Nyrei, were our host Jaz and his wife were waiting with our evening meal and beds. After a night’s sleep we headed off to visit PAXTU and the Grave of BP’s grave. After our normal photo’s round the grave and a little service we helped tidy up two other graves. They were the Dr and wife who had looked after BP in his last days in PAXTU. After this we had tea and photos with the Mayor of Nyrei. Spending that night with Jaz and Ice bucket Challenges we had good nights sleep before heading to the Ark the following morning. We spent the night at the Ark watching the animals round the watering hole and taking loads of photos. The following morning we had to leave our 5 star accommodation and head back to Rowallen via the giraffe sanctuary. The night in Rowallen again saw a few ice bucket challenges, before retiring to beds for our visit to the woodcarving place about an hour outside Nairobi. On our way back we stopped of at the Elephant Sanctuary to see all the orphaned elephants that had been orphaned because of ivory poachers. After this we headed for our last night in Kenya to the Wildebeest eco site on outskirts of Nairobi, final night Glamping in tents with beds, amazing. But we were not finished yet we still had one more adventure, The Carnivore. A restaurant were you get to eat as much meat as you can. Ranging from Crocodile Meat to Ostrich meat balls.

The next day we left the Eco Site to visit Josh’s humble dwellings before heading to airport for our 4.30pm flight to Dubai, where we had a 4 hr stopover before arriving back in Uk at around 7.30am on the 1st September 2014.

All in all a very emotional experience for the Explorers and all saying they would love to go back again. Mission accomplished.