Leading Projects in Kenya since 2000…

We lead a variety of projects in Kenya which support local Scouting to grow and sustain itself, providing essential skills for life for young people who simply wouldn’t have the opportunity without Scouting. All of our projects are planned and implemented in partnership with the Kenya Scouts Association, ensuring that the needs of the Scouts in the local area are at the heart of everything we do.

Siaya Campsite

Siaya Campsite has always been a home for Timu Rafiki in Kenya, ever since our first expedition back in 2000. Supporters of Timu Rafiki have been visiting the site for over 18 years, and the hope is to develop Siaya Campsite into a Scouting Centre of Excellence.

  • Project H2O
  • Camping Equipment
  • The Training Centre
  • Supporting Safer Scouting

Opening New Scout Groups

One of our main aims is to increase the number of young people that have access to high quality Scouting opportunities. Part of this means identifying areas that require funding to start up new Scout Groups. In particular, we aim to work in areas with disadvantaged young people, ensuring that they have the chance to develop skills and make lifelong friends no matter what their background is.

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Nyeri Campsite

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